Diets DON’T Work

How many diets have you gone on? How many of those diets have been successful? I know I have tried many times in my past, said, I’m going to go on a diet. I’m going to try this soup diet. I’m going to try this army diet. I’m going to try this no carb diet…..etc.!!!!

Let’s just face the facts straight on.


Diets DON’T work.


They simply just don’t work. Diets are not meant for long term. I read this the other day on Facebook: “I can’t xxxxx until after my diet”. Let’s think about this.  So you are going to go on this diet, you are going to lose some weight, and then you are going to stop your diet…??? And then what, gain all the weight back? I’ve heard this before when people do a weight loss program. “Well, once I stopped doing the program, I gained all the weight back, it didn’t work!”. IF YOU GO BACK TO CONSUMING FOOD HOW YOU DID BEFORE, YOU WILL GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK. Period. Diets are TEMPORARY. They are not meant to last; they are not meant to be sustainable.


You DON’T need diets. You simply need to change the way you think. Think long term. What could you change with what you consume that you can continue with for the rest of your life? Eating healthy needs to be a lifestyle change. Not just for the day, for the next month, for the next 6 months. It. Needs. To. Be. Forever.


I am a firm believer in moderation and balance.

I also heard this the other day; we were asked if we could have ANY dessert we wanted for our birthday, what would we pick? This person responded with “No carbs, probably a veggie”. Come on. Don’t do that to yourself. (I mean, you can, but you don’t HAVE to.) Be realistic, live life, love life, and DON’T ever, ever, ever give up something you love completely. It’s OK to have that piece of cake at your son’s birthday or that piece of pizza at the get together, or an ice cream cone with your family on your day together. Once you start denying yourself of the things you love completely, you will eventually break down and just have a massive pig out and although that would only be a minor setback and is easily fixable – you will most likely just give up at that point because you think you ruined everything you have accomplished so far. That’s called balance.




(Statistically speaking you can have 3 cheat meals a week. So if you’re ONLY having that one piece of cake on occasion, don’t even sweat it!!!)

If you do have that “pig out”, everything is okay, just pick yourself up and get back to it! If you get one flat tire, would you puncture the rest or would you fix the one tire and keep going? Exactly!!! So keep going, keep pushing yourself. Things happen, but that’s no reason for you to give up. I know this all too well. I am a stress eater…and it’s never healthy items.  It’s very hard to overcome that feeling when I get stressed. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. It is what it is, but there is no point in dwelling on it, getting upset about it and giving up.

Please, send me a message if you ever have questions or simply need some direction.


As an old friend used to say,

Peace, love & chicken grease,



P.S. Have you ever heard of macros? Counting your macros will allow you to have flexible eating habits aka flexible dieting.


Fat vs Muscle

I hear it all the time….You may weigh more because muscle weighs more than fat. Let’s think about this. If I have 1lb of feathers and 1lb of rocks, which weighs more? 1lb is, well, 1lb regardless. Same goes for the age old myth that muscle weighs more than fat.

5lbs of muscle seems a lot less than 5lbs of fat. Muscle is a lot more dense, therefore takes up less space than fat. There is a reason I tell all of my clients to ditch the scale. That number on the scale does not define who you are, or any progress you have made. Measurements is where it’s at. Before & after photos….and just how you feel in general. Do your clothes fit you better? Do you have more energy? Do you just feel better, more confident? A scale can be used as a tool to help measure, but do NOT base everything off of that. Do not get discouraged if you only see a small drop in weight, that number is extremely unimportant. Trust me.

I recently had a client complete her first 6 week slim down program with me. The first thing we did on the last day was have her step on the scale. She didn’t much care for what she saw. When I took the pictures, and completed her measurements, everything came together. She was discouraged so right then and there, during the appointment, I put her before and after picture side by side to show her what amazing progress she had made!

FontCandy (12)


Did you know that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn? Muscle boosts metabolism, so that same pound of muscle will burn more calories at rest than that pound of fat! Muscle is critical in improving bone density, and helps when you become older, so that you can stay active as long as possible! Never be scared of muscle. Ladies, you won’t get bulky lifting weights (unless you are specifically trying to, which let’s face it, takes A LOT of work).

One more thing I’ve heard that I must put to rest, when you stop working out, your muscle turns to fat. Not true. Not at all. Muscles cannot turn into fat and fat cannot turn into muscle.

Enjoy your Sunday and throw that damn scale out the window!!!

6 Week Slim Down Program

I use a progressive style of training. I train at an intermediate level, meaning I don’t go too easy, but I am not a drill sergeant either. I understand that everyone is different, everyone starts at a different level and let’s face it, some bodies just can’t do everything under  the sun. We use the first session to see where your current fitness level is and use that as a starting point and increase as we go along. All sessions are customized to you to help meet your specific goals.

This 6 week program includes all the bells and whistles, get prepared to step it up!

What it all includes:


Nutrition help: You will receive a healthy food list. We will spend time talking about what to put in your body and what to avoid…and what the big no-no’s are.                             INCLUDED: you have the option for me to come to your home and go through your fridge/cupboards with you and we can talk about what is good and bad, this does not count as one of your training sessions.

3 in person, 1-on-1 training sessions a week: Each session will be roughly 45minutes to an hour, depending on what we are doing that day/intensity.  (A total of 18 sessions)

Group fitness classes: Access to any and all of my classes at no extra charge. I run group fitness classes 5 days a week. HIIT and core, each at 30minutes.  (An unlimited 1 month class pass is $60)

Homework…yes, I know, yuck. However, in order to succeed you need to live, breathe and embrace this lifestyle change. I want you to be studying these things, so after the 6 weeks if you choose to not continue with me, you can take the things you have learned and apply them!

Access to me: Questions/comments/concerns? You are able to contact me any time of day and I will respond as soon as I can! You will have access to my Facebook, phone number to text or call and email. (FYI: calls are harder for me to answer– I can rock a text though!)

Cost: $700 for the first 6 week program – if you choose to do the program again the cost will be $600. First time programs must be paid in full – after that I can accept payments.

This program runs for 6 weeks from start to finish. It is set up to train 3 times a week which equals to 18 sessions. If the 18 sessions is not met by the end of the 6 weeks due to cancellations on your end or not scheduling the sessions, the remaining sessions will be forfeited. No refunds.

“Top exercises to lose the tummy”

Okay…so, MAYBE I suckered you into opening this. However, if you believed this existed then maybe you need to read this. There is no way to target, and lose fat from specific parts of your body. This is unfortunate, but it’s true. Fat loss can be extremely tricky and not in a good way, especially for women. If you want to lose fat from your thighs, arms, butt, stomach, etc. then you need to work out your entire body to lose fat from everywhere! Most importantly, you need to eat right. (If you aren’t eating right, any exercise won’t help.)
You can target areas to help build muscle or to make stronger. Like, abs for instance. You can work your ab muscles to make them stronger and build that 6 pack. However, until you lose the stomach fat, those abs will stay hidden underneath. (Bummer, eh?)
DON’T FEEL BAD IF YOU STRUGGLE. This doesn’t mean you have failed, or you are not strong enough. This doesn’t mean that you will never get rid of that fat or that you have to give up. Everyone struggles. I struggle. Yes, I lost a bunch of weight, but I still very much struggle with fat on some parts of my body. Like most ladies, the lower half. My stomach and my hips are my enemy. The only thing this means to me is I need to keep working on it and push myself to do better. My physical activity has slowed; my eating habits haven’t been great. But I will pick myself up and try again and I will continue to do this until I succeed and meet my goals.

“You never fail until you stop trying.”

-Albert Einstein

Best workout???

Walking/jogging/running? Lifting weights? Body weight exercises? CrossFit?  Zumba? Yoga? Beachbody? HIIT?  Core? Dancing? P90X? Water aerobics?

Honestly: This is a trick question.


What do YOU think?

You may think jogging is the best form of exercise…you can be outside, you can do it at any time, and not to mention it’s FREE!!!! However, your best friend may argue and say no, go to the gym and lift weights and that’s all you need. Neither of you are wrong.

Of course, in reality, some forms of exercise are better than others for certain goals you are trying to obtain.

Fat loss? A mixture of everything is best, but if you don’t have the time you may want to look into doing HIIT workouts. They are fast, and burn more calories that steady cardio (aka walking/jogging/running) plus it has the benefits of using weights/body weight. Looking for the best way to lose max amount of calories in a short time that might be the route to go.

Do you have bad joints? Hands down water aerobics!

Do you need help with breathing and relieving some stress? Yoga! (very peaceful if you need a break from the world – but don’t be caught off guard, yoga is hard work and if you’re new to it, you’ll be feeling it in all your muscles the next day)

Are you preparing for stage for a body competition or wanting to build muscle? Lots of weight lifting and body weight movements with a small amount of cardio…plus lots and lots and lots of protein!

Are you simply looking to enhance your physical and cardiovascular health? Walking, jogging & running are seriously great options!!!! You can always add in some core to get stronger!

(and it goes on and on)

Everyone is different. Bodies are different. Interests are different.

ALL those exercises I listed at top and more are all correct answers as to what is the best exercise routine. None of them are wrong. They all have benefits, they all better you, and they ALL count.

Do what exercises you like best. Where your heart is at? What will keep you interested and keep you coming back for more?

Back to the original question:

“What’s the best workout for me to do?”

ANSWER: Whatever workout you will commit to and actually do.


A last note: Never ever judge someone on what they chose to do…AT LEAST they are there, they are trying…they are doing SOMETHING.

My dark past, and the light @ the end of the tunnel

I’m going to start off by saying this is a long story, I will leave a lot out of it to make it shorter. This is not a fun story. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. But it’s the truth and I want everyone to understand where I came from in order to understand how far I have come. This is not just a story relating to Fitness. It’s dark but it may help someone else out.

My name is Ashley Bunge. I was born 3/6/87 to my parents Donna & Scott Bunge. I was born in Wausau, WI. Let’s start out by addressing that I don’t care for really anything that happened in my life up until a few years ago. I didn’t have a great childhood and don’t remember much of it.

We lived in Merrill early on and ended up moving to Green Bay at some point in time. This is where my brother was born, Tyler.  I remember exactly where I used to live in Green Bay, down to the exact house because this is the last house I ever lived in with my dad. We lived there until my parents split up, I think I was about 7 years old, but not really sure on that. Tyler was very young. I never knew why they split up until I was older, he was abusive alcoholic. We moved around a lot after that (Keep in mind this is all still just a blur). I remember attending quite a few different elementary schools in the area, Like GD Jones, Stettin & Maine (not to mention the one I went to in GB – Webster Elementary). I remember my mom having a few boyfriends; don’t really remember them all except one – “Woody”. Oh boy mom, you sure knew how to pick them! LOL (love you!) She finally met Scott and ended up marrying him. Oh how I hated him and I was sure that he hated me too. (Which wasn’t true but after a while it did become true because I was such an asshole to him) Which I deeply regret, but I was having a really hard time, my mom kept replacing my dad…and it sucked. As the years went on after they split I saw my dad less and less. He stopped coming around, I didn’t even know him anymore…People tell me he was a good dad, but from what I now know, I feel differently.


My dad and I

December 13, 1998 my dad died at the ripe age of 34 from carbon monoxide poisoning. The story I know was that him and his fiance got into a fight and he decided to go sleep in the car (…we live in WI…and it was December…) he turned the car on. Unfortunately, the car was parked in the garage. We were just getting ready to visit him for Christmas. I don’t think I had seen him for a year already at that point. Apparently he was living in Milwaukee when he died (???) (Obviously, I didn’t know this)  I remember his funeral vividly. I was terrified of going up to the casket. I stayed in the lobby and refused to go inside most of the visitation. When we were getting ready to leave the funeral, we were given the Christmas gifts from my dad. What’s worse than getting no gifts at all? That. That right there.  To this day I have no idea if he was just drunk and passed out, or if he wasn’t drunk but had fallen asleep, or it even crossed my mind…did he intentionally do it? There was no note, so no one will ever know.

I hated the world, and everyone in it. Why me?

I clearly had a mental disorder before this, but this really brought it out. My mom and Scott eventually married and had a daughter (my half-sister) Taylor. I ended up hating both my mom and Scott equally. I moved out and lived with my Grandma and Grandpa for a while and ended up moving back in. A week before I turned 18 – I was out, and never (still to this day) moved back into that house. I was a horrible, horrible child. I was so depressed. I wanted to die so bad. I cut myself often, tried to kill myself, tried not to cry myself to sleep every night.

I ended up marrying at 18, which obviously didn’t last long. I got into a relationship after that and ended up getting pregnant. I don’t regret my son one bit, but I do regret who his father is, I wish my common sense had kicked in before this. I had my first born, Ian, when I was 21 years old. This is when I started befriending my mom and stepdad again; Ian brought everyone back together (thankfully). He became the foundation of the family…a common ground. Everyone will be happy to know, that we all get along really great now, and I love and appreciate them for all they have ever done for me and all they still do for my kids and I.

Let’s take a step back, after my father died, my grandpa became my dad, so-to-speak. When I was pregnant with Ian he fell ill. He had cancer. He asked two things while he was lying in his hospital bed; he wanted to see David (his first born grandchild who had been living in Florida) again and to meet his first great-grandchild. He didn’t make it to meet Ian. He died 3 days before Ian was born. Taken from my Grandpa’s Obituary: “Wayne was also proudly awaiting the birth of his first great grandchild.”. I had to literally BEG the doctors to get me released from the hospital so I could make it in time for my grandpa’s funeral. I left the hospital and went directly there. I’m still not sure if that was the best or worst weekend of my life.

Fast forward to about age 25 (after a few boyfriends that didn’t work out) I met Sam. I’m not really sure when we started dating, or how long we’ve been together (we split a few times in the beginning) but always ended up back together. (I think he was scared of commitment, not that he would admit that.) I ended up pregnant again in 2013 (planned this time!J) At this point in time he was working on the pipeline – meaning he was living in different states. When I was pregnant he spent 5 months in Colorado – which, Ian and I got to road trip out there to see him, and we found out we were having ANOTHER boy!!! 😦 No Bueno. I was not happy. But to make up for it I got a beautiful ring and was proposed to up in the mountains in Colorado…SO beautiful!! FYI: We had Charlie who is almost 2 now!

A few months after having Charlie I decided I needed to change my habits to become slimmer, healthier and have more energy. My depression was coming back full swing, I was mad at the world again, I was frumpy, tired & crabby. (Sorry Sammy!) An old classmate was sharing what he was using to lose weight and I had been watching him for awhile, he was looking great, and seemed very happy. SO I jumped on that! Not only did I lose 40lbs, but I gained energy for my kids and myself, I was happier, I felt like a whole new person, and it gave me the strength to find peace for myself. I FINALLY HAD A GRASP ON MY LIFE, I finally chose to become a better version of myself! Best of all, I found what I wanted to do. I wanted to help others; I wanted to become a personal trainer. So guess what, I DID!  Which leaves me to where I am today, although I am an EXTREMELY busy person, I am finally content with where I am at in life. I still suffer from depression, although on a much more minor scale. I still suffer from a lot of stress, but that’s something I am working on slowly decreasing. I am a hockey mom, a karate mom, a baseball mom, a toddler’s mom, a wife (even though we’re not technically married…yet), I am a fur baby mom, I am a maid, a cook, a comforter, and I am a working mom. I work 1 full time job and run my own personal training business on the side (although I would love to make it my full time job!) So, as you can see, I have come a very, very long way. I have been through A LOT, but I am still here, still going, and making my days count. As they say, like a fine wine, things are getting better for me the older I get and I intend on keeping it going like that!

I am strong. I am confident. I am beautiful.

And so are YOU, and don’t EVER let your past dictate that or anyone else tell you differently. Keep going, keep moving, and prove people wrong. The only way to change your life around is to make that change yourself. It’s in your hands, YOU control your future. It took me a very long time to learn this, but when I did, everything changed for the better. Moral of this whole story is that your life is in your hands, you may be dealt bad things, but you have the power to change things around, you have the power to make life better for yourself. You just have to make that decision and make the changes. Always know that you are not alone. If you are dealing with depression or other mental illnesses, seek help for yourself, you deserve it. My ears are always open as well.




Scott Alan Bunge Feb 1964 – Dec 1998



Wayne R. Kyle Jan 1940 – Sept 2008

I’m only human

Let’s face it. I have been working on my own fat loss journey for about a year and a half now and it has not been easy. I have had ups, and downs….cheat weeks (instead of the standard cheat meal) and so fourth. I still have a long way to go before my desired “look” is achieved. And you know what…it is OK. I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far.


I know what it’s like to feel lost, to struggle, to look at someone else’s journey and compare myself and say, why couldn’t I lose like that? Or my biggest one is, seeing another mom that has the flat stomach (or visible abs), no stretch marks, no “mama pooch” as I call it. It’s unfair, it’s difficult to come to terms with and honestly, it’s just stressful to me.

I know and truly understand that every. single. person. is different, but this doesn’t make it any easier. It’s hard being overweight, it’s hard losing fat, it’s hard gaining muscle, it’s hard being sick, it’s hard building up  your cardiovascular system, it’s hard dealing with medical bills, any way you look at it, any route you go, it’s going to be hard, so as they say…choose your hard.

It was memorial weekend, I was up north at the cabin with my family. There was cookies, donuts, cheesy potatoes, brats and burgers with the buns and condiments. There were smores, beer dip and of course alcohol. Let’s just say, I am NOT good at resisting temptations, and there were A LOT of temptations.However, I try to think of it this way; I’m only human. I only have one life to live and although I live a fairly healthy lifestyle 90% of the time, sometimes, as a human, I just need to indulge.


A small set-back, yes. But failure, absolutely not. I will wake up and start again fresh tomorrow because tomorrow is a brand new day that I can (excuse my language) make my bitch. It’s a fresh start and I will utilize it! The only time you’ll fail is if you stop and give up. I’ve made a lot of progress and I’m not going to just throw that all away. If 3 of your tires are flat what would you do? Pop the last one and give up? No….you’d fix the 3 and keep on going!!! So there is a little bump in the road, don’t give up, go harder, give it your all and show those bumps what you’re made of. Show them that they have only slowed you and not stopped you.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me, and knowing that I have almost exactly 4 months before tough mudder….I need to step it up a notch!

We’re all a little busy…annnnnd maybe lacking

How many of our kids today are growing up in front of a tv/phone? Okay, I’ll just answer, A LOT; An overwhelming amount. It doesn’t mean we are bad parents, but times are changing, families are becoming busier and kids, well, they love video games.

I am a BUSY person. (<–Probably an understatement) I don’t ever know what day it is, whether I’m coming or going, whether I should be getting up or going to bed. Okay, I exaggerated that a tiny bit, but not much.
I work full a full time job Monday through Friday 7am to 3:30pm. I wake up in the morning, get BOTH my kids ready and out the door, drop them off where they need to be and rush to get to work on time. After work I go pick up my kid(s) from the babysitters and head home. My day doesn’t end there, actually, that’s usually when my day is just getting started. My oldest son, Ian, (7yrs) is a sports nut. He is in year round hockey, year round karate and a few months does baseball. So in-between getting him dressed and to and from sports, we have to take care of his daily school work, showers, nail cuttings and oh yeah, dinner.

Then I have an almost 2 year old, Charlie,…see, so busy I don’t even have time to count how many months old he is. He is a handful. He is sassy and thinks he is the boss. He LOVES watching Curious George (which I’ve seen/listened to so many episodes/movies on repeat I am sick of it) and loves airplanes, which it’s a good thing we live near the airport so he can see them often. Oh yeah, he also loves baths, but he thinks the water should be outside of the tub.


ON TOP OF THIS, I hold classes 5 days a week, I accept 1-on-1 clients and I am also studying for not one, but TWO certifications currently and I try to get up the mountain twice a week.
Now let’s go back to my younger son and Curious George. YES, I let my 2 year old watch TV, and probably more than he should because it entertains him.  When I do find myself actually being home, I have things to do and accomplish and having my children entertained helps, even if it’s with the help of a tv show, a movie, video games etc.

Every family is different. But, what is my family lacking?

Quality family time.

My family does not lack physical activity, but some families might be lacking in that department. And that is OK, it happens and that is why I am here.

SO, what have I done to help these things? I have put together and created a class called Family Fitness. What do these classes do? They get your kids moving…they get you moving, and best part, you’re all moving TOGETHER.

I’ll be honest. It’s very hard to write these classes. They have to be written so both the young and the older can handle it, it should be challenging for all ages, yet fun. If a kid is not entertained, they will lose interest, and fast.
What do they classes consist of?
A warm up
Friendly competitions (family vs family and/or you vs your other family members)
You LEARN – body weight exercises – things you learn that you can take home and do at home on your own
And of course….GAMES!!! (pffft….this is the BEST part…of course!) 😉

Meeting new people, making new friends, getting outside when it’s nice out, spending QUALITY time with your family….not in front of an electronic device. What is there not to like about this? What is holding you back?

I offer these classes (mostly) ever Saturday at 10am just check the schedule to be sure it’s offered that day. All you have to do is send me a message to say “WE WILL BE THERE!” and we’ll make it happen!  They will be an hour long, and as long as it’s nice outside, we’ll enjoy nature and have the classes at a park, meet at a trail or other fun activities. Make the time you do have, count! Hope to see you and your family soon!


All The Cardios!

So, thanks to a friend of mine (Danielle), I recently got into doing 5k walk/runs. To me, this is mind boggling because I have never been a runner. Actually…I have never been much of a cardio person period. My first 5k was in Stevens Point, WI where Danielle and my oldest son Ian ran with me. Not only was it SUPER FUN (it was a color run) but it was also invigorating, and left me feeling amazingly accomplished. The fresh spring air and being accompanied by some really cool people definitely helped!


Here is the aftermath: Ian is in the middle and Danielle on the right (….the pretty one!)


The best part about this….the charities. Yes, you have a reason to get up and get active, be with friends, laugh and have fun; BUT the best part is knowing your registration fee and any money you may have raised is going towards the greater good. The Kolor for Kids run went towards kids with cancer, which is undoubtedly awesome. Now, I am registered for another run this upcoming weekend! With there being multiple 5k runs in the area this weekend, I ended up choosing Run for Hospice and here are a few reasons why: A. My mom was already registered to do this walk with her co-workers. B. It’s literally only a few blocks away from my new location (CrossFit Everest) and since that is where I will be in the morning to do my grand opening – free classes, it will be just a hop skip & jump to get to the starting line. C. It’s a great family event that has a lot of other things going on rather than just a run and here’s what I mean.

(Taken directly from their site:)


This time running with me with me will be Danielle (signed up with a different group but she would rather run it whereas her group is walking), my fiance, Sam and my youngest son, Charlie will be in tote in a stroller. However, since my mom is only walking the distance, she will take Charlie so Sam, Danielle and I can jog our little hearts out. If you are curious more about what hospice does and what they stand for this is another section of their website that I copied and pasted here for your reading pleasures (and convenience) 🙂


Aspirus Comfort Care & Hospice Services

Aspirus Comfort Care & Hospice Services provides and ensures meaningful and compassionate end-of-life care.  Specially trained in comfort and pain management, as well as care of patient and family throughout the process.

Our services include; medical director, nursing services, social work, spiritual care, music therapy, massage therapy, bereavement services, volunteers, certain medical equipment, some medical supplies, pain & symptom management, and short-term respite care.

Services can be at the hospice house, facility (CBRF or SNF), private homes, apartments or PCU in Wausau Hospital.

Hospice services are paid for by medicare, medicaid and many private insurances.

Contact us at 715-847-2424 or 866-331-2467 to learn more about hospice, for a personal consultation, or learn about volunteer opportunities.  You can also visit us on the web, click here.

In addition, bereavement services continue for 13 months after the patient has passed away.  There are many community events for people to remember loved ones, whether they were in hospice or not.

SO, join me on this 5k (or 10k if you’re feeling adventurous) or if you’re not feeling up for that cardio, give them a call to volunteer a little of your time or donate something that they could use. Every little bit helps. If you don’t relate to Hospice, pick a different organization and help them!!! Make a difference in your community people!
I have a whole list of community runs for different organizations that I would like to run in to help support, if this is something you are interested in, contact me and I’ll let you into mine and Danielle’s totally secret and inclusive running buddy group 😉 We would also love to do a “mud run” or two (we are thinking Warrior Dash & maybe Tough Mudder) If you would love to do this but think “I’m waayyyyy too outta shape, I could never run that” then let’s get together and train a bit and together, we will get you there. Danielle thought the same thing when we did the Kolor for Kids run, but guess what, she killed it!!! But, ya know, she had been attending my butt kicking classes for a while before the run, hint. hint. (not saying it was all thanks to me, but yeah, I mean, you’re totally welcome, Danielle) 🙂 HAHAHA. I’m just teasing, I have a crazy sense of (sarcastic) humor that you’ll come to love…maybe.
Stay beautiful everyone!

Here’s To New Friendships

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to make this announcement!

Otto Lima, Owner of CrossFit Everest, CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer, USAW Sports Performance/Olympic Weightlifting Coach is bringing me on-board, into his wonderful CrossFit family which is giving me a space to train my 1-on-1 clients and to hold all of my classes.

I will not be switching to coach CrossFit (even though I may have to give it a try). I will be sticking to the 1-on-1 training programs and classes that I currently write and provide. I will also still be offering my In-Home training for those who are nervous to workout in a “big box gym” or in front of others, new parents that can’t always get out of the house, or maybe just for the convenience! The great thing about being in a permanent location is that when you come to me, I have less travel time, and more time to help MORE PEOPLE! Isn’t that great news????! (oh…and the sessions cost less as well) (<—-BONUS!)  🙂

….So….I’m not quite sure what part of this made you most excited, but I sure would love for you to let me know! Class schedules coming soon and reach out to me if you’re interested in 1-on-1 personalized training!

Eat healthy, get active and stay beautiful!